Stacy Witbeck California CSLB #414305,2800 Harbor Bay Parkway
Alameda, CA 94502

About the Project

Stacy Witbeck has been contracted under the CM/GC method to perform three maintenance contracts for UTA’s light rail and commuter rail systems. For the task order-based contract, we performed a range of scopes, from the total replacement of a half-grand union on the light rail system to improving ADA access to transit facilities. 

Other work includes bus stop construction, bus loop concrete replacement, ADA ramps and sidewalk improvements, replacement of grade crossings, track reconstruction and repairs, wall construction, platform widening, signal house installation, emergency response work, and more. Much of the work was performed on weekends and at night to avoid impacting UTA’s operations. 

In performing nearly 100 tasks, Stacy Witbeck has never failed to return service on time to UTA. Other work performed close to active rail operations required careful planning of the work. 

Quick Facts


Salt Lake City, UT

Project Type

Maintenance of Way

Delivery Method


Date Completed


Project Owner

Utah Transit Authority




"Stacy Witbeck is amongst the best of the best. They have been responsive, self-correcting, and proactive throughout the life of this project. They have developed ideas, processes, and innovations that did not previously exist and have helped UTA obtain all the necessary approvals for these innovations."

Independent Performance Evaluation